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Your horoscope for July 2017, sign by sign


The summer torpor is annoying you: during the first two weeks, you will want to shake your family and professional entourage. And you will not go hand-dead, especially from 8 to 12! Do not be surprised if your loved ones oppose a strong passive resistance … From the 13th, Venus in the Lion, joined by Mercury on the 15th, allows you to assume your leadership in a more harmonious and acceptable way! Your love rating skyrockets and … your loves too: spark on the 17th, to follow in August!

July starts tenderly and lovingly. As a couple, your feelings deepen; The nights are long and cuddly. Solo, your senses are awake, beautiful carnal encounters – and more if affinities – are possible! The Full Moon of the 19 offers you family reunion opportunities. Professionally, if you have to negotiate a contract, a transfer or an increase, focus on the first fortnight: then you will be less able to make your voice heard and win.


Small floating moment from 1st to 4th? When in doubt, do not stop important decisions: you lack realism. Take time for yourself, pamper yourself, see your loved ones. You will be more efficient, lucid and operational in the second half of the month. As a couple, your duo flourishes in a beautiful complicity. Solo, from the 13th, go out, distract yourself without any ulterior motive: it is by not seeking to “caser” you that you could paradoxically find shoe to your foot!

July will stir! The 1st, the atmosphere is saturated with strong feelings, unfathomable … and unspoken. Your desire for renewal on the 4th may cause the pressure cooker to explode sentimentally on the 8th and verbally on the 12th: station shattered … These storms will not prevent the action, quite the contrary: this month will be very constructive for the advance Of your projects. From the 19th onwards, you will be released emotionally: the abscess is punctured, you will succeed in calmly expressing what you have on your heart.


July begins quite calmly: a few conflicts of authority due to Mars, which can give you a little bit of trouble, especially at the professional level. But this is not important: from the 13th you become the star of the month, with Venus then Mercury by your side. Nothing and nobody resists your radiant charisma! At work? You carry the adhesion despite the jealous ones! On holiday with relatives? You are the focus of the group’s attention! In seduction operation? You warm the most lukewarm!

At the beginning of the month, you continue to make “clean place” in your life, personal and professional: everything that is too blurry, too ambiguous, subject to malaise, hop, broom! The 19th could be the high point of this great household, in the family domain among others. In parallel, you feel good, motivated, filled with energy and positive feelings, protective. In love, you will mostly want to nest the first two weeks; The rest of the month you will be more demonstrative and cheerful.


Family affairs can hinder you at the beginning of the month: you would like to be free, independent and to give no account … but “on” you asks for it! On the 7th, you will boil inwardly and on the 11th you may well send the flies off the coach! Fortunately, it relaxes quickly: from the 17th you renew the dialogue with your loved ones and rediscover the taste of the duo, sharing and seduction. Solo, once things are said, you will multiply the opportunities for encounters.


Mars has become direct again: strength is with you! You have the power to change situations in your senses; All the obstacles that slowed you down last month are fading. Professionally, your potential for achievement is maximal in the first fortnight. Sense, your mind and your body are in tune: you give yourself intensely to the beloved … Attention, from the 13th, the stakes of ego then communication can disrupt your relationships. Avoid aggressiveness!


Uncertainty, inaction, that, you do not like! And yet the first week of July forces you to slow down, to take the measure of risks, to weigh the pros and cons. You might have to handle delicate family configurations, which require tact and finger. Patience: all will restart on the hats, as you like, around the 20th. Couples can return to party and the solos will see the suitors coming out of the wood. Warning, it will heat up this summer and it’s just beginning!

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