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Horoscope of the week

How to make the horoscope of the week so simple

The horoscope of the week is based on the average of the planetary steps of Luna, Mercury and Venus in the week.

To find out how it goes week you should know the signs that are traversed by the Moon and aspects that the different positions of the Moon formed with our sign.

Knowing the signs, which, during the week, is crossed by the Moon, you can know the most auspicious days of the week.

Also, if you are interested to know how they will be your social relationships during the week, you need to find a sign where is Mercury and the aspects that form with your sign.

Even Venus, can influence in relations (especially amorous ones), so that, to have a personal horoscope of the week, you should also consult the position of Venus.

Obviously, the greater the number of planets consulted, the more accurate the weekly horoscope.

Learn how to create a personalized weekly horoscope:

1) See the position of the Moon in the week

Calculates the position of the Moon today

During the week, the Moon changes position and then influences differently on your mark

It calculates the position of the Moon in the day of interest

Knowing the position of the Moon, from beginning to end of the week, you can discover all the signs on which the moon will exert its influence in that period.

2) Read the aspects that the Moon forms with your sign during the week:

Aspects of the Moon in the horoscope

3) Repeat steps 1) and 2) Whereas Mercury and Venus

Customize your horoscope at best considering the degree in which you find your Sun (zodiac sign) and the degree in which they are the planets in your birth chart.

Important: If you are already experienced enough, you can use the software to know the personal horoscope, which will allow you to automatically recognize the planetary aspects for the week, but remember that online programs can only give you an overall view and that deepening your horoscope they must be controlled aspects and meanings planet to planet. At the bottom it is easy and fun!

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