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February 2017 horoscope for all zodiac signs

Aries – the month of trust

Good month that will give you so much confidence in yourself, thanks to the transit of Mars and Venus in your sign. This step will stimulate you to resume a path of life that you thought no longer possible. You will feel ready to face any challenge, any obstacle that stands between you and your creation, always keeping in mind the needs of others, especially those of the partners. It will be a month of great physical and aesthetic appeal. If you want to impress someone, this is the right month.

Taurus – the end of a cycle

And ‘this month that requires you to complete a cycle, a phase and will be a period during which you will realize that some things, situations, but also some reports are to be kept tight while all situations must be removed no longer tune with you and that put your health under pressure due to excessive stress. It closes an important cycle that will allow you to start a new path. important news coming!

Gemini – to understand

Month during which you will clear about what you really want and you will be able to break the chains that bind you more to your limits instead of to leverage your potential. Will you aim high, even with ambitious projects although there appear to be irrational. At a time when you will still your mind and you stop worrying, the full potential of the heart can be expressed at last giving way to your new adventure.

Cancer – take responsibility

An unexpected event will catapult you in the middle of the competition, the crowd that, in some cases, take your “head” because now, you really afraid for the determination and the courage that you put in everyday events. Although the fear of losing and failing will be very strong, you will be aware that they are ready to grasp the hand your life, overcoming the judgments made against you. The time will give you reason on the courageous decisions that are taking today.

Leo – become co-creators

During the period, you will realize that you are the architects of your destiny and act accordingly. You will change the road where there is need, and will confirm the important things where you feel that they are. The reports could be overwhelmed by your new way of being. For those who are already in a relationship, it is a good time to make long-term projects. For singles, a chance to meet an important person.

Virgo – the metamorphosis

You will overcome the fear of failure, of being wrong, fear of losing your safety and decide to make a clean sweep of all the negative emotions. It ”s time to feel good, first with yourself, then, as a result of this newfound inner well-being, you will find harmony with others. You are becoming beautiful butterflies but first must get out of the cocoon that you have built around.

Libra – the importance of relations

It will make clear in relationships, whatever they may be: in the professional, as in friendships, through the sentimental. Some of these could even finish, breaking, while for some, it will mean a start and build something to last long. In fact, falling in love is just around the corner and you’re going to meet him, even if your connection is lost recently. However, it depends on you.

Scorpio – build new rules

The main novelty of this month will be particularly in the workplace; perhaps a change, a transformation that will bring you a great satisfaction. You will want to change many of the lifestyle habits that you do not like the most, to improve yourself, and you’ll want to get back in shape after a stressful period. Start your path to health: if you smoke you might stop, you could start physical activity, through a change of power.


And ‘time you are engaged in any activities that you truly passionate about and gave you more free time to be able to carry out the activities that will recharge energy. How goes the old adage: “If you do not like, do not do it”, so you should also follow the sign which tells you the heart, the seat and center of our vocations and talents. For singles love in view and for some, you can maternity or paternity.

Capricorn – the awakening of emotions

The emotions are alive, they desire to emerge, to manifest. You will understand that these, if not shared, will make you explode like a volcano. Let them out, give them an outlet and you will see that you will soon feel better. There is a strong need for stability but also did not feel responsible for everything and everyone. Mainly against members of the family. Possible removals or an internal restructuring in the house.

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